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Default Re: Ike Risky Free Agent

The latest I saw had Ike making $9-11 mill per year for 4 years. F that. No way.
If he is gonna command that type of jack, let him walk. This is the exact reason why
Pgh, NE and Philly (without any titles) continue to keep winning: They refuse to overpay
for players over 30. Pgh is very selective in regards to the very special instances of giving
contracts to players over 30: Hines Ward, Ben (when his contract is up), Farrior, Troy, Aaron
Smith (who probably should be cut this year unless he re-does his deal), etc. Even the
great Rod Woodson was sent packing at this stage. (I don't think that was the plan, but Rod
got insulted by Donahoe's negotiating techniques, where he tried to downplay Rod's
current skill level. Rod got pissed and walked, in one of the few times where Pgh _did_
make an error in letting a player go who had 4-5 good years left. It is the exception to the
rule, rather than the norm. Kevin Greene is another one, but Gildon did do very well after
KG left.)
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