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Default Re: Former Bengals Fan Joins SteelerNation

Originally Posted by Nevermore View Post
First off, I was 6 when they left, but no I wouldn't have. I am loyal to my city and football in Baltimore. F Irsay and what that lunatic did to Baltimore with his drunken rants and promises to the mayor.

Either way, I surely am not gonna stop cheering for my team because they suck and then just "happen" to start liking the Steelers. I guess I'll just stop liking the Orioles and get onboard with the Yankees.

As bandwagon as it gets......

Just ribbing you a little, Nevermore.

I agree, I don't like bandwagon fans. I actually was a Colts fan as a kid. I live an hour from Baltimore in PA. I latched onto the Steelers when the Colts left town (I was 12 at the time) because my stepdad was a fan and they were from PA. I hated the Redskins and Eagles so they weren't an option.

When I came on board, the Steelers were in decline from the SB heydays. I stuck with them through some tough years in the 80s up to today. I wasn't exactly a bandwagon fan hopping on a "flavor of the week" team because they were winners. I truly respected the organization's history, style and attitude.

When the Ravens came to Baltimore, I was happy they got a team again after so many years, but my allegiance was forever to the Steelers and I love the rivalry that they now have with the Ravens. It makes my football season very fun and interesting.

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