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Default Re: A little weed costs us a Super Bowl

Originally Posted by zulater View Post
Was Art Rooney ever arrested? Did he ever abuse a woman? Did he ever let down his team by doing extremely selfish acts?

My "assertion" is the answer to all those questions is no.

Art Rooney Sr. came from a different era, he violated the blue laws, he gambled with bookies, other than that he was pretty much by the book.

To equate Holmes moral's with Art Rooney Sr's. is completey ridiculous.
The biggest criminals on the planet are never arrested or charged
for any crimes. That's what makes them "the biggest" because they
are so deep in it, they are safe. Just because a family is safe from
scrutiny because they are so high up in the establishment hardly
proves their angle-like profiles. Next you will tell me the Rockefellers
and Rothchilds haven't executed some of the largest crimes against
all of humanity. After all, they were never arrested for anything. Come
to think of it, the largest mass murderers in the history of mankind
were never charged with a crime either. So, hey, that's all the proof
we need. Stalin was a saint.

It's already been prove the Rooney control all the local press. You won't
find any dirt on them, because no media outlets will report on any even
if it existed. I don't believe they are still acting within the mob, but you
won't read anything about that part of their past in the Post Gazzete any
time soon.
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