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Default Re: A little weed costs us a Super Bowl

You're a flaming idiot, calling Art Rooney a mobster!
OK, I believe you have just broken rules for this message board.
There are to be no personal attacks. You just broke this rule. Either
apologize or risk risk a temporary ban. Mods please note.

Just for the record, I've probably forgot more about the mob than you'll ever know.
LMAO. First of all, how would you even know? You know nothing about me.
Secondly, I am not sure that is something to be proud of. That is like saying,
"I know more about the business of dealing crack than you will ever know."

I'm quite aware of how Rooney often had to associate with people of questionable repute doing business in the world of boxing and horse racing. In order to get things done I'm sure there were times he had to get his hands slightly muddy.
"Slightly muddy?" Boy, you aren't very up on the world of the Irish Mob and
gambling are you? It wasn't uncommon for people to be murdered. Any
association with that sure isn't just slightly muddy.
But the fact is he always managed to stay on the right side of the law, no arrests and no suggestion of wrongdoing by people who could have profited by his downfall.
LMAO. No arrests mean lily white? Stalin wasn't arrested either. He was all
good then by your definition.

and more to the point Rooney was known for his loyalty to his faith,, his family, his friends, and his team. He didn't betray any of them ever!
Ever see "Road to Perdition?" After you do get back to me. That movie was
accurate in it's portrayal of Irish mob life.

You're man Stonio betrayed ever member of that team more than once.
Then so did Big Ben; got a problem with him being on the team?

And oh yeah, we also missed the playoffs 2 out of the 4 seasons your Mr. wonderfull was on the team. so I'm having a hard time believing that he was the difference maker you make him out to be.
So the value of a WR is based on if his team makes the play offs or not, and
not on being a Super Bowl MVP? So, using your "logic" Andre Johnson is a shit
WR. So is Brandon Lloyd. So is Larry Fitzgerald. So is Calvin Johnson. So are many other awesome WRs. Do you see how laughable your logic is....well, I guess we can't even label it as "logic" because it is so embarrassingly far away from being any where near logic.
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