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Default Re: Nothing About Jim Tressell?????

Originally Posted by BigRick View Post
I have to agree with you. More people knew and kept quite about it. Too much money involved. Maybe it's time for the NCAA to admit that they should give the players some kind of allowance.
I agree, Rick ... the players should be paid.

I need to state up front that I'm not too smart about this stuff, but here's my take ...

The NCAA is a business, plain and simple.
If you compare it to the NFL, they both make money with attendance, they both have TV contracts, they both make money off of merchandising. There really isn't that much difference. The big difference is that college players get a free education while NFL players make millions of dollars.

I'm not in favor of universities paying players because they're already giving them a free education (if they want it). But I don't see the problem in outside sources paying them.

If a booster wants to offer a top recruit a new car or a few thousand dollars to come play for their university, where's the harm? It's a business. So why shouldn't the players who bring in the money get paid?

Actually, this is already happening, so why not bring it out into the open?
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