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Originally Posted by finesward View Post
Ok, wasn't really trying to compare them based on stats, only from having a big-time drop.
Johnson was/is the premiere WR on the Bills, he has had many many more opportunities than LS has had. I didn't make the connection that somehow LS will be as productive as johnson, you made an assumption. They are both very talented receivers, one who has gotten opportunities and made the most of them and one who hasn't. I'm hoping he can put it all together this year and show why he was drafted so high.
This what you wrote.
Look at the WR for the bills that had that eerily similar drop against us in overtime. He's not going to fall of the face of the earth, he's a very talented receiver and will probably bounce back just fine. Maybe him and limas should become friends
FACT is, Johnson EARNED his way into playing time and getting
balls thrown his way. Sweed was given more than enough "chances"
to EARN his way to more playing time and all he did was NOT give
the coaches any confidence that he is worth having on the field and
throwing balls his way. You act as if Johnson got the opportunity
and Sweed did not. That is total horse shit. True, Sweed got hurt
last year and hence had zero opportunity. But he sure had the chances
before that, and he dropped the ball nearly every time he was given a
chance to make a play. Johnson had a horrid drop (thank God) and
lost the game for the Bills, but he put up over 1,000 yards and 10 TDs
last year. Sweed has never put up jack shit. Johnson is an upcoming
star in this league. Sweed will likely not even be in the league by kick
off this season.
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