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Default Re: A little weed costs us a Super Bowl

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Cry? I accurately detailed your breaking of forum rules. If one is going
to bother making rules, I am assuming the said rules would be followed.
If not, why bother to make them?

I asserted no such thing. You claimed that since Rooneys were never
arrested for anything it proved their lily white history while I provided
examples of others who have never been arrested for anything yet were
clearly criminal regardless. Big difference. The fact that you can't discern
the difference is a clear indication of low-level, single-plain thinking.

The mods will probably take pity on you because it is clear that you lack
the ability to perceive things accurately. Your above assertion is yet another
straw man argument, where you try to strike at assertions that were never
made. I never indicated that the Steelers had no "right" to dump Holmes,
ever. (Go back and read the whole thread and you should blush in
embarrassment as you will see that assertion was never made.) I merely
indicated that dumping him over some hippie lettuce may have caused us
another ring. Show me where I said they had "no right" to get rid of him. (If
I wait for you to do so, I will die sitting here of old age, as no such assertion
was ever made.)

Please try to react to assertions that were actually made, as opposed to
assuming what they are and reacting to them in an inaccurate manner. Anyone
can strike down a straw man argument. Offering knee-jerk reactions to things
that were never asserted showcases a faulty thought model. You will find
life is far more forgiving if you perceive things accurately and then react
accordingly. Huffing and puffing, gnashing teeth and howling at the moon
just creates lots of unproductive energy leaks. Take a breath and try to
apply this logical approach where one deals with the truth, not just barks
at trucks going down the road, mindlessly. I think you will find a colossal
upgrade in your quality of life.
Blah blah blah,, where to start? How 'bout nowhere, as I don't really give a rats ass about what you have to say about me.

I will say this though, funny how someone so easily offended goes out of his way to be offensive? Basically you call me six kinds of stupid here, but unlike you I wont cry to the moderaters trying to get you punished.

Now as to get the conversation back on track

. The Steelers parted ways with Holmes for a multitude of reasons, his last failed drug test and impending 4 game suspension only being the final straw.

As to the assertion that Holmes would have been the difference maker in SB XLIII. I suppose it's possible. , But I doubt it. First off if Holmes is a Steeler last season Antoine Brown most certainly isn't. And without Antoine's kick return in week two against the Titans ( a game Holmes was ineligible for) the entire complexion of last season could easily have changed. Also Antoine made a pretty special play against the Ravens in the divisional playoff game as well. So who knows, maybe we don't even end up in the Super bowl last year? Hell we were 9-7 and sat out the playoffs in 2009 with him, so who's to say? Also the message that was sent by parting company with Holmes could have been a key factor in getting what was an underperforming team in 09 to rebound last season for all any of us know?

Bottom line is hypotheticals like this are pointless. The Steelers know the business of the Steelers better than any one of us, and they determined it was time to move on without Holmes. And the end result of rebuilding the receiver core with up and comers like Emanuel Sanders and Antoine Brown seems to bear out their judgement in spades. The Steelers didn't hurt themsleves last year imo, and they certainly have put themselves in a better position going foward in regards to their receiver core by not having Holmes' impending free agency departure looming over this offseason.
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