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Default Re: Polamalu mentioned in dope jam

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Exactly. I feel sorry for those who are pigeon-holed into only liking
one genre of music and think that only THEIR type of music is
good music. People who think that way put limits on themselves
and end up shallow and limited, like zealots of a particular ideology.

How many people can fit in "Polamalu" into lyrics and make it rhyme?
That is awesome.
Assumptions, assumptions.

Here's a "dope jam" that will always be a dope jam (also Lil Kim is sex incarnate):

But that one has nothing on this one. CSNY rules:

Or this one, these two were meant to sing together:

Or this guy, who is the all-time king of "cool":

Or this virtuoso who I go to see live often:

Or this all-time favorite:

Or try this one:

If you acquaint yourself with this brief collection, you are on your way to liberating your mind from MTV.

I get your point though, the Polamalu refernce is cool. I am just picking at you, bambi. Don't take things too personal when its coming from me. Half the time I am just ribbing you.

I am just bored and waiting for football season to get here. I have been avoiding the NFL in general though, am pretty disgusted with the whole lockout thing, top to bottom, both sides. A bunch of millionaires trying to peel more money off a bunch of billionaires.
"On the S-2-7 train"

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