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Default Re: Polamalu mentioned in dope jam

Assumptions, assumtpions. Connections with no meanings.

Here's a "dope jam" that will always be a dope jam:

Personal preference - the above song sucked.

But that one has nothing on this one. CSNY rules:

I agree on that one. I have recently been getting back into that jam.
One day, it just popped in my head and I've been re-listening to it.
Down by the River is one of the best jams in the history of the world.

I get your point though, the Polamalu refernce is cool. I am just picking at you, bambi. Don't take things too personal when its coming from me. Half the time I am just ribbing you.
OK, hard to tell in the written word.

I am just bored and waiting for football season to get here. I have been avoiding the NFL in general though, am pretty disgusted with the whole lockout thing, top to bottom, both sides. A bunch of millionaires trying to peel more money off a bunch of billionaires.
I don't even watch or listen to news about it, because mostly anything that happens
is irrelevant. No sense following blow by blow - meaningless. The only reason
I give the players a little more cred is because:

1. They are just millionairs, not billionaires. Pretty big difference.
2. Many aren't even millionaires.
3. They were perfectly fine to keep things as they were. It's the owners
that are whining to get a bigger piece of the profits, not the players. They
would have signed a new CBA that was the same as before, no problem.
The owners are showing far more greed. Rich men always want to be
richer. They never feel like it's OK to make the same or less, no matter
what. No matter who gets hurt.
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