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Default Re: King: Tiki to Pgh

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
I hope Franco comes back - he could really help us. However, when
players come back, they don't do it using a time machine. I thought
Tiki was underrated his last 4 years of playing. But it's not 2005 anymore.
We won't be getting _that_ Tiki
Tiki may or may not have some game left. It's not a ridiculous idea to bring him to camp and see. He left the game of his own choosing, not due to injury or ineffectiveness. So while there's not much ( if any) precedent of an NFL player coming back after this long away from the game, his situation is different enough from most, that you can't look at it they way you would wityh a typical NFL player attempting a comeback.. Basically the only NFL backs that I can think of that left the game the same way that Tiki did were Barry Sanders, and Jim Brown. Had either of them decided to return to the game at the same age I'm sure there would have been plenty of potential suitors for them as well. ( btw I'm not in any way suggesting that Tiki was as good as either Brown or Sanders, just that they left the game under similair conditions)

Now as for the Steelers situation. Mewelde Moore is certainly no great shakes. To think that Tiki could still have more game than Mewelde at this point isn't that far fetched at all.

I'm guessing that King wouldn't put it out there without some sort of inside knowledge that Tomlin is very tempted to bring Tiki to camp. That doesn't mean that it will happen, or that if it does Tiki will make any sort of positive impression. He's just relaying what he's heard, so we'll have to wait and see where it goes.
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