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Default Re: Hmmm, when did Woodley say this?!?

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
I don't think so. A "self-fulfilling" prophecy would be when one states
something about ___themselves___ and due to their prediction,
subconsciously, they then take actions that make the event come
true. But when someone __else__ makes the prediction, it is not
a "_SELF_ - fulfilling prophecy" since the "self" never made the claim;
someone else did.

Now, it could indeed "get in his head" but it won't be a self-fulfilling
prophecy since it wasn't Flacco's prediction to begin with. If Flacco
stated "I will probably never win a Super Bowl" and he ends up
not winning one, THEN, one could claim that was a self-fulfilling
Whatever Mr Grammar man.

The point is if he's thinking more about trying to show up Woodley than he is about the game plan of the day then score one for LaMarr.

Plus I'm predicting a career year for Woodley, so he'll be all over his ass as well.
"A man's got to know his limitations."
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