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Default Re: Hmmm, when did Woodley say this?!?

Originally Posted by zulater View Post
Whatever Mr Grammar man.

The point is if he's thinking more about trying to show up Woodley than he is about the game plan of the day then score one for LaMarr.

Plus I'm predicting a career year for Woodley, so he'll be all over his ass as well.
It's not so much grammar, as it is just using a word in an inaccurate
manner. But whatever. I agree with your basic premise. Flacco is
already intimidated by our LBs to begin with. I give him props for
hanging in there and manning up to face them, but how many times
have they pissed in his Cherios when it was looking good for him? The
play off game last year comes to mind, as well the game where they
scored two TDs in like 20 seconds - sacking him and forcing a fumble
that Woodley took to the house.

Flacco is not a bad QB, but he clearly gets scarred when our LBs
start getting close. He looks a little terrified - something Ben has
never ever shown.
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