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Default Re: Street fight: Hines vs. Sugar Ray?

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Isn't it amazing when you soak in what a true "pro" in his area can do?
Think of how fast a MLB pitcher throws. How big and fast NFL players
are. And Ray wasn't just a pro, he was one of the best ever. Like I said
Bonaduce tried to give it a go, and it was over in a blink of an eye. Ray
just lit him up to the body with three quick shots and Danny went down
and didn't even recall what happened. And Danny fights and was on
all kinds of juice and HGH, admittedly.
Aside from playing the ugly kid in the Partidge Family and being a DJ, Bonaduce is nothing more than an old, washed-up, wanna-be-never-was, drug addict. Yet you compare him with professional athletes and use him as a yardstick to measure Sugar Ray's greatness?

It just goes to show you that ESPN has no content for shows like First Take. That's about the damned dumbest conversation you could have this side of My Father Can Kick Your Father's A$$ we used to hear on elementary school playgrounds. I'd rather pound my jibbs with a sledge hammer than watch that show.
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