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Default Re: Street fight: Hines vs. Sugar Ray?

Originally Posted by i82much View Post
This is so not even close it hardly merits discussion. It is amazing how people will contort logic to arrive at a conclusion that makes them feel warm and fuzzy on the inside b/c their favorite player gets to win.

Sugar Ray would absolutely destroy Hines Ward.

Have a look at the Vai Sikahema vs. Canseco video. Do you really think it would make any difference if that had been a street fight? And Ray Leonard - while older - is still in tremendous shape and fought at the very highest level. Not to mention his competition - Duran, Hagler, Hearns - were all-time greats.

All of whom, by the way, would also completely mangle Hines Ward in a street fight ...

What possible relevance is there with a fight between a retired football player turned tv sportscaster vs. a washed up steriod addled baseball player turned sideshow? And you're out of your mind if you think Jose Canseco would kick Hines Ward's ass. Hell Canseco can't beat third rate reality series actors in a fight, and you think he'd be "mangled" by Jose? Really? Really???!!!

By the way I agree with the basic premise that Ray Leonard would probably beat Hines in a fight. But having seen Hines de-cleat 250 linebackers and taking on 290 lbs linemen head on I don't think it would be nearly as one sided as most of you suppose. Plus I've seen Hines take monster shots to the chops from the best the NFL has to offer and come up smiling, and with the freaking football still safe in his hands! . So none of you will convince me that it would be an early knockout. Hines is one tough son of a bitch, you give him a month to train and I'd wager anything he'd put on a respectable showing.
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