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Default Re: Dwyer - don't forget about him

Moore was a decent 3rd down back, but Mendy is a pretty good pass blocker and 3rd down back himself. So Moore lost a lot of his value as Mendy can handle the 3rd and longs and Redman the 3rd and shorts. Would love to see Dwyer step up and take 5 or 6 carries a game off of Mendy's load. Redman was excellent at 3rd and short last year. The Steelers couldn't pick up 3rd and 1 to save their lives in the years after the bus and before Redman last year so I don't want to screw with that.
This Tiki rumor throws a wrench in the whole thing if it turns out to be true. I really don't think we should waste time with this guy. Even if it turns out he can play a little it would only be for this year, maybe next anyway. 36-37 year old backs in the NFL. Not many out there.
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