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Default Re: The Official "We're Over .500" Thread

Bucs lost a tough one in Washington tonight. Washington is a pretty good team, so I'm not worrying too much. I have a feeling that we are going to struggle there, if we are able to come out with a series split to stay at two games over .500 I will be quite happy.

Tim Wood needs to be off the Pirates. I know the offense was weak tonight, but man this guy totally blows. The only reason why he is up here is because of the injuries to Evan Meek and Joe Beimel, but man....there has to be some guy down there at AAA that can do better than this loser. With that being said, this offense makes me nervous. We have not put up a lot of run support at all over the past couple of weeks, and it's pretty obvious why. We have so many players on the DL that half our lineup is just fill in guys, and they aren't going to get the job done. We need some of those players off the DL and we probably need to make a bit of a move at the deadline to add to this lineup.

If we can do those things I have faith in this Pirates team that we might actually be in this race for quite a while. And hey, if all else fails, at least we're still over .500!!!!
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