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Default Re: Steelers' Harrison to Magazine: Goodell a 'Devil'

Originally Posted by harts View Post
this all started when Goodell started fining guys out of the blue because ESPN replayed hits over and over and started the bad PR of "violent" hits

who cares about the commissioner hopefully the players smartened up and took some power away from Goodell in this new CBA
I'm certainly not on Goodell's side of the arguement. But there's a right way to handle things. And name calling in an interview that's going to print doesn't serve any good purpose at all. It will only bring more scrutiny to the Steelers when flags are thrown and fines levied. Stay under the radar, do your job, and maybe we'll get a call or 2 that goes our way this season. As far as calling out Cushing, why do it. We play the Texans this year and maybe that roid monkey takes a cheap shot at Wallace. Why light the fire? And as far as calling out players on your own team. You should never do that even if it's true. Not in the media anyway. If you have a problem with a guy address with him personally or with the team behind closed doors. Putting it out in the media after the fact serves no purpose and could disrupt the team going into the season.

What if James had a big 15 yard penalty in the SB for a late hit and on the next play Rodgers threw the winning TD. Should his team mates call him out? You win as a team and lose as a team. Maybe if James gets to Rodgers and sacks him or just gets a hand in his face instead of letting him complete a crucial 3rd and 10 late in the game we win. How bout the fact that their D forced 3 TO's and ours didn't force any? Isn't that partly Harrison's fault also. We forced TO's all year long and in the biggest game we couldn't even get 1.
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