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Default Re: Mendenhall plans to sue endorser for dropping him

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
From Mendenhal's comments, it seems like he's saying that he doesn't think 9/11 was a regular terrorist attack, rather an inside job or done with inside help. So if he doesn't think Bin Laden was actually involved then I could see why he wouldn't cheer his death. I'm not saying I'm a 9/11 "truther" but there is overwhelming evidence that it was not a regular terrorist attack. So why should voicing your alternative opinion cost you a sponsorship?
You said it yourself. His alternative opinion. A consumer products company pays an endorser to represent their brand to appeal to the most people possible. An alternative opinion on a controversial topic impacts negatively on their targeted customer base. It's simple math. Why pay someone to alienate your customers?

BTW. He has no chance of winning this lawsuit. Even more, I'm sure the company was smart enough to have language in the contract that nullifies it for pretty much anything they deem as negative.
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