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Default Re: Mendenhall plans to sue endorser for dropping him

Originally Posted by tanda10506 View Post
From Mendenhal's comments, it seems like he's saying that he doesn't think 9/11 was a regular terrorist attack, rather an inside job or done with inside help. So if he doesn't think Bin Laden was actually involved then I could see why he wouldn't cheer his death. I'm not saying I'm a 9/11 "truther" but there is overwhelming evidence that it was not a regular terrorist attack. So why should voicing your alternative opinion cost you a sponsorship?

Here's the thing. FACT: The "establishment" mows you down if you
are a public person (actor, sports person, politician, et al) and question
the official version of the story; you will be taken down. It is the ultimate 3rd rail.
It might not happen overnight, but it will happen. Now, we can debate why
that is, but there is no question that if you publicly question the validity
of the official story, they are coming after you to ruin you one way or the other.
Every public person I can think of who openly questioned their story has
lost their job, been framed for some BS charge or have been some
how ruined.

Again, we can debate why that is, but there is no question that those who
question it get systematically taken down. If Mendy doesn't change his
tune soon, he will be done in the NFL. Bank on it. Charlie Sheen
questioned it. He lost the highest paid gig in TV. Was it all because
he is crazy or did he get set up to begin with? He had easily contained
his partying to perform at his job - staring in the most popular sitcom
on TV. It wasn't until that "woman" came out with her lame story that
he lost his gig. She was about as credible as the woman who framed
the IMF banker president. Steven Jones had a professor gig at BYU. Not any more.

Oh, and before the ideologues rush to claim that anyone who questions
it is crazy, then maybe you should ask yourself why so many experts such
as engineers, arch. and pilots have openly asserted that the official version
is simply impossible. Thousands of them.
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