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Default Re: Mendenhall plans to sue endorser for dropping him

Originally Posted by fart View Post
Read the 9-11 commission's report on the attacks and see if you can refute any of the scientific explanations they laid out.
Refute them? That's about as hard as falling off a moss-covered log.
How about their explanation for why 7 fell down? "At this point, we don't
know." Iron clad science indeed.

If 7 really fell down by just having a few small fires going, then they
would do an emergency research on that, as a steel framed
building has NEVER collapsed due to fires - not before or SINCE
then. But we are to believe it just kind of collapsed, at free fall
speed, in it's own footprint, from "small fires." Such a claim
is pure lunacy.

Who would have anything to gain from a false flag attack?
Who would have the motive?
Who would have the means?

Some guy hoping around caves? Yea, that's totally believable.
Why didn't they use any of the proven mode of crime investigation
for this? If you look at all the coincidences needed to make their
story true, it should blow your mind. Members of their own commission
have come out and said the investigation was a total fraud and they
could not stand by any of it.

Cell phones worked at 30,000 feet back then?
Steel melts at 800 degrees instead of the known scientific
temps needed, 2,500 degrees, which is impossible from
a fire of jet fuel and office furniture.

"Pilots" not capable of flying a single engine Cessna flew
a jumbo jet in a manner that expert pilots could not even
have pulled off.

Flying a 757 a few feet off the ground, at 500 MPH without scrapping
the ground? Not possible, according to pilots.
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