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Default Re: Mendenhall plans to sue endorser for dropping him

Originally Posted by SteeleReign View Post
Good God - not this again!! I assume you've been watching Youtube videos with Thumper?
Yea, it's always a hoot when someone operating in ignorance
makes fun of someone who is educated. There is far more
than youtube vids out there, but what is wrong with youtube vids?
It's a medium, not a slanted source; it contains all things, good,
bad, accurate, loony, funny, serious, insightful, crap filled - all
of it.

This shallow minded stance clearly indicates America has plenty
of sheep with limited ability to think. So, let me ask? Are all books
accurate and truthful? No? Really? Then anything that's in a library
is now a joke since some books are not true. That is how ludicrous
your take on youtube is. It's that pathetic. When one doesn't grasp
the difference between a source and a type of medium, they
better keep their lawn mowing job, because they just don't have
the ability to think on anything but a very low level.
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