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Default Re: Mendenhall plans to sue endorser for dropping him

My first instinct is that Mendy's going to lose this one. Then it occurred to me that lawyers pick these fights for all sorts of reasons, and some variety of settlement might be the ultimate goal. The endorsement is gone, obviously, more so because of this very suit than for Mendenhall's views on high-rise engineering and explosives.

I find it fishy in the extreme that Champion would make public the terms of their contract with Mendenhall and post it on the web. If he's such a douche and persona non grata they should have just cut him and run. Why that sort of PR maneuver? Weird.

I couldn't care less about 9/11, quite honestly. I think Mendenhall's real crime was attempting to humanize an official enemy. That will never be accepted, and everyone must immediately pounce upon and dismember anyone who tries to undermine state propaganda like that. We have to hate who we're told to hate, or the entire system falls apart immediately.
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