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Default Re: NFL games to get longer

I don't understand why the NFL will not allow the replay official to make the call himself. If he reviews it, says it is not a TD for example, he should just buzz down and make the call, like in college. Why does the ref have to jog / walk 75 yards down the field to go review it himself. And why isn't it ever qued up? By the time the ref gets to the booth, we all have seen the play about 8 times from 4 different angles. Why is it never ready to go?

I agree that this is overkill unless they simply want to give authority to the ref in the booth to make the call. "Hey bill, that dude's knee was down on the 1 yard line." "Thanks Jim, I'll let the fans know and respot the ball." Done!!

I'm all about getting it right, but it is starting to get ridiculous.
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