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Default Re: Mendenhall plans to sue endorser for dropping him

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
That's the point, SC. He got in when they didn't expect it. That is
why they were freaked: They didn't realize he had a real shot of
winning and he did. That is why they came to his crib and grilled
him in the basement for all that time.

I tend to believe JV. I don't see why he would make this stuff up. He
is a man, an honest man, with honor.
I know, I was just making hypotheticals. I think he's a good guy too. I don't agree with him on some stuff, but that's ok.
Sure. But that doesn't mean the media isn't controlled at the highest
levels. Just look into who owns the only wire services used by all
our major media and let me know what you think about that.
Honestly, I barely even pay attention to main stream media. I got sick of the headaches and sensationalism years ago. If I want to know more about a specific story, it usually involves some searching on the internet. I can't say with any certainty who runs the mainstream networks...but I know they're only a step above retarded monkeys. So yeah, it probably is the government.

I've heard of it, and watched a few episodes. It was kind of disappointing
in that it appeared as sensationalism to a degree. I wasn't sure exactly
why it did not continue. I think I recall some episodes that were shot but
never allowed to be shown.
Felt the same way myself. It was a little interesting, but I don't much get into those over dramatized type shows (unless it's about guns, or warriors, or warriors with guns). So I don't know about unaired episodes, but it wouldn't surprise me.

That list was interesting, but huge. But a few things occurred to me.

1.) I didn't know 1/2 of them. Like I said earlier they go after those with
the largest audiences. They don't have the manpower to ruin every
single person who speaks against their story. If the person is pretty
obscure, I don't know. They may not make the cut as to who to bother
No, I know it was huge...that's why I posted it lol. I don't know half of them either. But only a couple people jumped out at me as having been in some real hot water at one time or another.

2.) Many of them may have made a statement at one time, but have
discontinued since. I do believe you would likely get a warning call
before they actually have to put work in. Many on that list are not known
as truthers, because, for one reason of the other, have since decided
to shut their mouth about it. Ed Begley Jr. is one on that list who did
remain active in the movement. And, I can't say his career has taken off.
Has be been blackballed? No way to know for fact. I do remember James
Brolin bringing up "" or something along those lines. Can't
say he continues to try to bring it up any more. Who knows. You choose
to assume there are no forces at play to keep a lid on this; that's how
you see it. I find it obvious that there are definitely forces in play trying to
squelch the truther movement.
I wouldn't exactly say Ed Begley Jr.'s career was anything extremely notable to begin no, I doubt he's been black balled lol. He's credited with 45 tv and film roles since 2001 though, so I really don't think so.

If they're truly are forces at work to squelch the truther movement...then they suck at it. I just don't see any real evidence that would come close to suggest that this is happening.
Look at these eyebrows. These are attack eyebrows! They could take off bottle caps!
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