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Default Re: Mendenhall plans to sue endorser for dropping him

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
Very well said, cloppbeast. I don't think we'll ever know for sure exactly what happened on 9/11.
Thank You!

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
he problem I have with thumper is not necessarily his arguments, but the way he presents them. Just because most of us don't buy into the conspiracy theories, thumper calls us uneducated, sheep, and gullible for believing everything the government tells us. That's not only incorrect, but it's a piss-poor way to debate. And that's why I get a bit testy with him.
It's your typical conspiracy theorist argument. Thumper thinks he's unique with his opinion, but he's more oridnary than he understands.

I generally have a problem when people generalize their opponents, anyway - and this 9/11 debate epitimizes it. How can somebody seriously question another's open-mindedness solely based on their opinion on whether they believe 9/11 was a conspiracy? Isn't it possible a person could have objectively considered all the facts and still concluded terrorists blew up the WTC with a plane? Of course.

But, then again, most conspiracy theorists lack any logic in their thought process, otherwise they would have never convinced themselves their conspiracy is such certainty.

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
But does this mean there's a government conspiracy? Yes and no. Just because the government may have lied about the plane being shot down doesn't mean it was part of some nefarious conspiracy such as thumper suggests. Lying about what happened would serve two points. On possibly the most tragic day in our country's history, it wouldn't have done our psyche any good to know that our own government shot down one of our own planes and killed innocent people. And American people rallied around the story of courageous passengers on Flight 93. On a day of great tragedy, it gave Americans something to be proud of.
Excellent point, dude.

Conspiracy theorists need to understand that, even if they've uncovered some enlightening facts, they still haven't proven a government consipiracy is the only explanation.

It's odd we don't hear much about the other building that fell down, I admit. I also admit that it was odd it fell down in the first place. Is a government conspiracy the only possible explanation as to why it fell? Quite obviously, no.

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
I'm not saying I'm right about this, just that I find it plausible ... and that just because me and many others don't buy into the 9/11 conspiracies doesn't mean we're uneducated sheep who believe everything the government tells us.
Nobody is right, including yourself - which is why I listen to you more than others. In this debate, I do not trust a person who says he/she has the answer. In fact, in my daily life, I don't trust anybody in general who says they have the answers. Perhaps I've read too much Pyrrho and Sextus Empiricus.
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