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Default Re: 101 reasons why Bengals will beat Steelers twice

Originally Posted by clevestinks
Hey dip shit its been more than three years! You cant count for shit. Its been more like ten,

Bens last two games were in Jan. let me explain this for the moron Cinci fans, They were playoff games. We do those kind of games in Pittsburgh. They are played after the regular season. But just for the good teams.
Palmers last four games were meaningless. Big f`ing deal type of games.
(Just to follow up Clevestinks)Im sick and tired of people talking about Palmers last 4 games so let me break it down..

1. Against the Steelers--are you f-ing kidding me lol--Palmer threw a TD to Farrior--And with 3min 15 seconds down by 3 Palmer goes back to throw and when he's pressured he gets happy feet and throws the ball no were near a Bungal for a saftey to lose it lol

2.Cleveland OMG He was awesome-he threw 4 TD's WOW and 3 INT's lol

3.Baltimore--wow what a comeback right???? Lets not forget he was the person responsible for putting the team down 20-3 after he was picked for a INT. My take is Baltimore let up.

4. Patriots---He had a good game except----He was picked for another TD lol

How can you Bungal fans say he was great the last four games when he makes mistakes in all of them???
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