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Default Steelers @ Cincinnati

I will come over from Germany to see the game against Baltimore in November. First time to Heinz Field (well, to the US, really), can't wait to see all the towels.

Since I will be there already, I am considering getting a ticket for the Bengals game a week later. No idea if the question appears strange, but is it a good idea to simply buy a ticket and go there all by myself?

In Europe, for soccer matches, the away fans are usually restricted to certain areas of the stadium. In some cases where the atmosphere might be tense, it is not recommended to run into groups of home fans while you display other colours and there is a lot of police to keep them apart.

If I go to Ticketmaster, they just offer a ticket anywhere in the stadium. When I watch the games, seems to me that the crowd is mostly mixed usually.

Thankful for any info on how these things workover there!
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