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Default Re: The OL thread...

Originally Posted by pancake View Post
Not sure to call this the offense or Offensive line thread, but it needed its own thread... lol

Ok, now that I'm through with bad puns, what is our starting line for this season?


That is my first guess, but I could see Foster in for Bronco...

I don't think Gilbert will start this year and is he a RT or LT?
Gilbert could end up playing either RT or LT. And he can even play G,
although I am sure they were not thinking OG when they drafted him.
He was more highly touted in 2009, as he was hampered in 2010 with
injuries. Looking at that OL line up, I don't feel too good. Why is it the team
keeps telling us how good Colon is but none of us recall him ever
looking very good? Kind of like with Simmons: They kept telling us
how awesome he was and the rest of us scratched our heads like
"Really? He looks like he sucks to me."
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