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Default Re: Looks like Nnamdi to Jets??????

Originally Posted by Wallace108 View Post
I'm not a numbers guy, and I've never understood the salary cap. We NEVER sign big-name free agents and rarely give big contracts to our own players, yet every year we struggle to get under the cap. Meanwhile, other teams are signing big-name free agents every year.

i think the common misconception is that the salary is evenly distributed over the length of the contract. such as a 5 year 50 mill contract would cost a team 10 mill against the cap every year for 5 years for that player .....wrong.
they backload the salaries in a way so that if they choose to cut the guy after 3 years of the 5 , they won't still have him on the payroll or at least have it so its a manageable amount
contracts aren't guaranteed unless its stipulated in the contract. holmes deal calls for 24 of the 50 mill guaranteed so his deal would look something like this....
2011 - 8 mill bonus
.............1 mill base salary
2012 - 8 mill bonus
.............1.3 mill base salary
2013 - 8 mill bonus
.............1.7 mill base salary
28 mill paid

2014 - 10 mill base salary
2015 - 12 mill base salary

they have all the guaranteed money paid in the first 3 years , so they could cut holmes after that and he won't see the remaining 22 mill of the contract. and it cost them nothing to cut him.

under the old CBA a players salary could not increase by more than 30 % a year. this kept teams from pushing all the money into the future.

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