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Default Re: The Cheats will no longer be a problem

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
This is his tenth season. 10. That's double-digit wear and tear on his body. How is that "young"?
I thought "too old" was the question?
He's not young but how many good DL's are 30+ years old in the NFL right now? More than a handful, incuding a couple on the Steelers.
My concern would be the possibility of him re-dedicating himself to football. And we all know that could happen up there. Certainly not a sure thing...and he might be a flat-out bust...but it also definitely could happen.

If that fat ass is focused and motivated, two things will happen:
--- Redskins fans will be lining up to jump off a bridge
--- And the Patriot defensive front will no doubt be improved.
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