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Default Re: The OL thread...

Originally Posted by DanRooney View Post
Strongly disagree on Colon. He was one of the better right tackles in the league in 2009. Chicago even offered him 3 million more than what we payed him. Check out what Walter from has to say about the deal:

"Steelers re-sign OT Willie Colon (5 years, $29 million): A+ Grade
The Steelers show us again why they're one of the smartest and most successful franchises in the NFL. This was a terrific move; Willie Colon is one of the top right tackles in the league, yet Pittsburgh was able to get him for only $29 million over five years. The Steelers had to make this deal in the wake of 400-pound Max Starks' departure."

I totally disagree with you on Colon actually. He is a terrible offensive tackle. people need to go back and watch previous to last season. he was a holding machine and even when not holding he was too slow footed and too short of arms to play in space and would constant get beat and giv eup sacks or pressures to ben's throwing arm side.

The guy likely could be a servicable guard ( correct build for it) but as a tackle he is what defensive coordinators attack ( the weak link) because they know he does not have the feet or length to handle in space well.

I'm not sure what the front office is thinking in this one.. great Qb but get rid of both his huge tackles that protect him? It'll be another season of ben recieving the snap and running for his life just to get rid of the ball.

Our Rookie tackle must be a beast or something because if not.. this is going to blow up in our face.
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