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Default Re: I guess we're in the hunt for Plaxico again?

Originally Posted by StainlessStill View Post
We'll see how he likes it when noodle arm, dirty Sanchez is scuffing balls at his feet. Although, look at the bright side. It'll be nice to see him tear up New England's secondary so there's a positive in all of this.

Thing is, is that we are still over the cap. How in God's green Earth would we make an offer? The Jets probably did no talking. "Here is the signing paper. 1 year, 3 million guaranteed. Here's the pen. Take it or leave it" versus waiting for the Steelers to cut meat and that offer being less. It's simple logistics.
Very True.

How in God's green Earth are we always over (or close to) the cap each year? No matter we can't sign shit in the off-season.
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