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Default Re: I guess we're in the hunt for Plaxico again?

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan View Post
Three Super Bowl and four AFC championship appearances in the last 7 years - too bad the front office has nothing to show for how it has been spending its $$$.

It takes talent to achieve those results and talent gets paid or walks - Steelers are a veteran team that has lost only one FA in the last 7 years (Burress) who was in his prime when he left - that is why they are capped out

Your post would led one to believe the Steelers front office is as clueless as the Bills or Browns
The FO definetly makes good decisions, but I often wonder to how we are always so close every year without any big FA signings and teams like the Jets can buy as many guys as they want every year. You made a good point and I agree with you, the FO knows what it's doing, but I still don't see how we are always over or at the cap.

It sucks to see Burris go to the Jets. We would have beat the Jets in the regular season if not for some HORRIBLE calls at the end, or Spaeth's hands of stone, whichever you want to say lost it, and we smashed on them hard in the AFC championship game. It's a shame they ended up catching up so much, but we still beat them, and in the first half we destroyed them. That being said, and I know it sounds contradicting to what I just said, but how are we going to match up against Holmes and Burris? Is Edwards staying as a 3WR? Who do we have to cover these guys, Ike Taylor? He can play ok against one of them but not all game and not against both of them. Holmes against McFadden or Burris against McFadden is a nightmare for us. I'm not trying to be pessimistic, I always believe the Steelers can win, but doesn't that sound horrible, McFadden covering one of these guys. I'm assuming Edwards will leave, but what if he doesn't. We don't play the Jets this year unless it's in the playoffs, but I can definetly see us against them in the playoffs. I'm not trying to rant or complain, it just doesn't sound good.
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