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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Getting really sick of hearing this almost every single year.

REALLY sick of it.

If he misses 4 games or more, or isn't ever really healed,
then I say let his ass walk after this year. No amount talent
can overcome constant injuries. And him being hobbled in
the Super Bowl is one big reason that we lost. He was a liability,
which is the opposite of a play maker.

Yea, he's made incredible plays. Yea, he is a different cat with
his super soft spoke demeanor, yea, he has big hair, yea he
makes the sign of the cross all the time (weird), yea, he flies
around when he plays.....but WTF, he's hurt all the time.
Well I hope someone lets Troy know that you are getting REALLY sick of him being injured. How dare he??
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