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Default Re: The Official "We're Over .500" Thread

I've been away from this thread for a while! Maybe it's because I was so frustrated with the Braves series, and that frustration carried into the Phillies series. Well, we got swept, and in our last seven games we are 2-5. Things could be better in the Steel City.

But help is on the way....

Derrek Lee was acquired yesterday from the Baltimore Orioles for next to nothing.

Ryan Ludwick was acquired today just minutes before the deadline from the San Diego Padres...again, for next to nothing.

Are these guys big time hitters? No. But they're upgrades. I'll take anything that Neal gives me at this point, and this is what he has given me. Lee sures up the first base position, Overbay just hasn't been cutting it.

Ludwick hasn't really been all that great this year, but then again, he has been hitting in Petco....Petco is the most difficult ballpark to hit in in the MLB. PNC is tough too, yes, but I do expect to see some improvement from him. And even if he doesn't improve, I still believe he is better than Matt Diaz, and he's certainly better than Garrett Jones.

All in all, the Pirates are really scuffling right now, but we have a chance to get things together. We've dropped 4.5 games back, but we also played two really tough opponents while the Brewers and the Cards BOTH got to play the Stros (without Pence, Bourn, & Keppinger), and the Cubs. We can get right back in this, C'MON BATTLIN BUCCOS!
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