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Default Re: Plex to Jets

Just do the math:
Where has "most" of the Steelers' morey gone into in the 1st place (yep, Mr $100illonBerger).
Ok, bottom-line , we can NOT afford PLAX, let alone a decent OLine to protect our Mr. $100Million Ariens' son.
what does that leave?
1./ a so far god-given #1 Vaunted "D" that got us where we needed to get. almost all the time.
2./ A predictable; "air it out anyway" Ariens' Offense. soo ? (watch TV much ?)

Our Defense is an immaculate re-invention, and without it there (would have been/and) will be NO chances for another SB thus far.
The "D" still Rules !
Lets say it again, Steelers' CANNOT afford a decent OL ! for reasons mentioned above.
I mean, even Peyton Manning said "NO" to more money so that they could afford to "build" their team. ?

what?, it's just more plain facts ppl. and that's all.
nada excuses, nada. sry.

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