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Default Re: Steelers re-signed P Daniel Sepulveda

This is an ego-saving move. Sepulveda has tore a knee, what, every single
season so far? Oh, yea, some fans get caught up in his juiced up look and
him making tackles in college. SO F--KING what? He's not paid to tackle, he's
paid to punt, and punt long and with direction inside the 20 AND to actually
be healthy enough to play. I think it's gay how some think he is so good because
he used to juice and have big arms. How is that working out for Brady Quinn?
Having big guns is irrelevant if you can't play or stay healthy, period.

I am pretty sure it's safe to say Sepulveda was juicing in college. That should be
a red flag to anyone evaluating talent b.c juicing means drop in performance if
he can't juice in NFL AND future of juicers is often injuries, as we have seen with this guy.

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