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Default Re: I guess we're in the hunt for Plaxico again?

Another smackdown on the Jets signing Plax for $3 million guaranteed

The NFL's Madcap Free-Agent Frenzy Continues
By Bill Barnwell

Most Curious Move

The jilted Jets got on with life-after-Nnamdi by signing Plaxico Burress. If you mourned the closing of El Bulli by going to your local Chili's, you can probably relate to what the Jets did. The only difference is that the Jets spent more than $3 million in guaranteed money to eat those fajitas.

It's unclear what the Jets see in him. After battling through a series of injuries during the 2007 playoffs, Burress was in the middle of a mediocre season with the Giants before his infamous accidental shooting. The Giants offense actually played better that season without him in the lineup, and Eli Manning promptly had his best season a year later, while the player often referred to as his "security blanket" was lined up in jail.

As a lanky receiver with great leaping ability and body control who drops a lot of passes, Burress profiles as a pretty straightforward replacement for Braylon Edwards at a cheaper price, but he will be 34 in two weeks and has a history of injuries and insubordination. It might be worth bringing him into camp on an unguaranteed contract, but unless he somehow got younger in prison, Burress should never see guaranteed money in a contract again.
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