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Default Re: Steelers sign a fa corner

Originally Posted by Kingmagyar View Post
I still would take Gay over McFadden. McFadden is just out there making tackles as receivers catch the ball in front of him. Gay at least plays tight. Still neither is the answer as a starter. For what they both make and Will Allen, I wonder if the Steelers could have signed Richard Marshall from Carolina who got 15 million over three years and would be an improvement on what we have. or somebody else?
McFadden over Gay? That's crazy talk.
You mention that McFadden is "out there making tackles as receivers catch the ball in front of him". Well, that is precisely the cornerback role in LeBeau's defensive scheme which is why the Steelers don't give up many big plays. McFadden, and moreso Ike Taylor, are cornerbacks who fit in the Steeler scheme as they generally keep the man infront of them, and they can both tackle very well. This is because our defensive scheme relies on the LB's and DL's to pressure the QB, rather than coverage LB's or DL's.
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