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Default Re: How are we over the salary cap?

This is my first post ever, so take it for what it's worth. The Steelers have an excellent past when it comes to resigning their better players at a "less-than-market rate". If they become a major player in the free agent market you can forget about resigning their players at a "less-than-market rate" because their current players will feel slighted since the signed a "below-market" contract. Players love playing for the Steeler organization, and will take a little less to stay.

We all wanted better CB's, but imagine what would have happened if we paid for one ofthe top two CB's in free agency (Asomugha or Cromartie) to huge contracts? You might as well forget signing Timmons or Woodley to any reasonable contract! Polamalu would ask for the moon when his contract is up!

The Steelers win almost every year because they are very loyal to their drafted players, who have played wel, and when the do sign a free agent it is usually a second tier free agent! I prefer it this way, and I wouldn't trade it for them being active in the free agent market.

Go Steelers!
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