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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
He'll turn 29 this fall. Not a spring chicken. He has a few years, but
not much more than that. TEs over 30 tend to not be that productive.
Yes, there are exceptions but that is not the norm.
I'm not worried about it. Too many fans think whenever a player hits 30 he's done, which is ridiculous. I remember after SB XL people were saying the same thing about Farrior and I'm sure I don't have to point out how ridiculous of a statement that was. Most positions don't drop off until 33/34 not 30 and a lot are still productive after that. But there's no point in arguing about this because obviously no one can tell with one play how that'll turn out as there is case to be made for both sides however Steelers draft good stock, haha.

Anyways, the Steelers have been rebuilding so I'm not sure why a lot of people on here get antsy about it. Besides Hampton we won't need a replacement for any position for a few years (I'm talking about Clark and Troy here). They drafted CBs so were really young there and developing talent for when Ike's done/end of contract/retires. Woodley and Timmons are both young and Sly and Worilds are waiting in the wings as well as Hood and Heyward. The rebuilding is already happening, same thing on the other side of the ball with Mendenhall, Wallace, Sanders, Brown, Pouncey and Gilbert.

So this rebuilding you're talking about is already in motion and has been for a while.

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