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Default Re: New TE in the Burgh

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Using Spaeth as the go to guy that game was simply a retarded idea
brought to us by one of the worst OC in the NFL. We all knew Spaeth
was worthless. But BA was going to fool everyone with his ingenious
You mean the game we put up 378 yards offensively? Yeah, BA blew that one!

Sure we loss, but that wasn't spaeth in the backfield getting tackled for a safety that made us go for the TD when we could of easily tied it and taken it into OT. Or was that spaeth on ST's during the opening kickoff who blew his assignment and let them score a TD? Take those two plays out and we win easily against the J-E-T-S.

Putting it on Spaeth, who if I recall scored a TD, and BA who put up nearly 400 yards against a decent defense is simply ignorant on your part. You make it sound like the jets were totally prepared and were shutting us down the whole game. They made a couple big plays that allowed them to win. Deal with it. If Spaeth is so worthless why they hell would a team sign him?? Daaa Bears at least believed he had some value or else they wouldn't have signed him to a deal. So using your beloved language of logic your statement is invalid, false, or in laymans terms complete and utter BULLSHIT.

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