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Default $ was the reason Plex didn't join team

Really no surprise. I _knew_ this was the case before I ever
read it. I know this team, this ownership. Sad thing is, they
COULD have easily found the $ with some obvious moves
other teams make. Why didn't they? Because the Rooneys
_do_ purposely let their total salaries come up against the cap
so they have the excuse not to pay more. You don't think they
could make Smith, Foote and a few others re-do their deals
and have offered as much $ as NY did? As soon as I heard
Plex signed for $3 million, I told some guys at the gym, "I guarantee
you Pgh offered something closer to $2 million, not 3 and I bet
Pgh's deal wasn't guaranteed." And what is coming out now? That
very thing.

Imagine this team with Plex on one side, Wallace on the other.
That would have been strong. As it is now, I am not sure I like
our chances vs. NE or NY to win the AFC again. But if we got
Plex, and we could have, I would like our chances. They could have
easily found the space to sign him. But they just point at the cap
and use it as their excuse to not pay, when in fact, they could easily
make moves to find more room. Oh, and now Sanders had to have
another surgery on his foot. Not good.
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