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Default Re: $ was the reason Plex didn't join team

Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Umm, in case you missed it, we lost the Super Bowl last year.
And, in case you didn't realize it, REAL Steeler fans do not consider
losing the SB an acceptable thing. Follow the team for a few more
decades and maybe you will get it. Also, it's "appearances" not "apperances."

EB is obviously NOT a high school grad, yet.
I guess the best you can do is insult me based off of one misspelling. I'll take being a college grad with a full time job and one misspelling. Its an internet forum. Relax...

"real steeler fans" aren't so damn negative either. Where did i saying losing in the Super Bowl is acceptable? We did not lose the Super Bowl cause of our wide outs.

You act like Plax would of won us the Super Bowl. Where was Plax for the last 2 Super Bowl Wins?
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