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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
They didn't need to offer him _more_ than $3 million. They never
even offered him that much - if they had, he'd be a Steeler right now.
Hey, we can always pin our hopes on Sweed, right? Hines is PUP.
Sanders is PUP. What we have here is a mess. Oh, that's right,
Pgh didn't have the "cap space" to sign Plex. If you believe that
one I got some swamp land to sell you.
So you believe they did have $3 million available to sign Burress? I guess that is why they restructured Harriosn, Roethlisberger, and Keisel to get under the cap after Burress went to wherever he could get his price

Burress was a vanity signing by the Jets to tweak the Giants - receivers in their mid-30s coming off 2 years in prison are not locks to be a positive factor

FWIW the P-G writers do not think the Sanders injury will have any long term consequences other than the downside of missing reps in camp when he was thought to be a challenger for Ward's starter's position
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