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Default Re: Getting to know your fellow Steeler Fever members

Name: Q
Date of birth(month & day): Nov 10th
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Right/left handed: Ambidextrous
Sex: M
Location: Illinois
Marital status: S
Nationality: Caucassion
Occupation: Operator/laborer

Football related:
Favorite nfl team: Steelers!!!
Most hated: Tie between Ravens and Patriots
Your most memorable moment as you were rooting for your team: Rooting on Steelers at rca dome during 2006 divisional championship.
Most painful moment as you were rooting on your team: Everytime we lose to Brady.

General information:
Favorite T.V. show: Cheers
Favorite movie: Braveheart
Favorite song/artist: Van Moorison
Favorite actor/actress: Phillip Seymore-hoffman
Favorite drink: Long Island
Favorite food: German
Turn offs: Loud girls who like to fight
Turn ons: Genuineness
Hobbies: Football, weights and reading.

I can't answer the remaining questions due to my newness to the site.
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