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Default Re: What makes you a "Real Steeler Fan"??

Originally Posted by ebsteelers View Post
thats what dumper things makes you a real fan.

i disagree 1000%.

im wondering what steeler fever thinks makes you a real fan?

i'd say number 1) knowing the history and tradition of the steelers, and Rooney family

if your taking in a game, 2) going in the cold, windy, snow, how football is suppose to be played, no fancy luxury box seats, that a majority of cant afford, and if even if we could wouldnt want to.

3) bleeding black and gold,

there obviously hundreds of things, just wondering what everyone else thinks.

so what else makes you a "real steeler fan"?
Wow, it's a number of things for me.

I've seen my father work for every single last tiny little itsy bitsy crumb we've ever had in our house. I've seen him go to work through 16 hour shifts at Steel Mills with bronchitis, fevers, banged up knees and broken bones. Nothing ever stopped him from going to work to provide.

I'm so proud to be from a city like Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh represents the working blue collar man like my father and the pride in our football team represents who we are as a city.

When Steelers Sundays come around, our world inside our family stops. The unexplained nature of a Steelers win or loss determines my mood for my week, Monday through Friday. When the team loses, all of Pittsburgh loses.

The Steelers bring my family together and the relationships that stem from a Steelers victory sure is incredible when you throw away the harms and how tiring this world can be.

Every Steelers sack that pummels a quarterback into the dirt represents how hard we tackle our pay-check to pay-check living.

Every touchdown we score represents Pittsburgh in all our accomplishments we succeeded in everyday work life to put food on the table for our family.

And every bruising run from our style of our grind it out running back represent the never say die attitude of a Pittsburgher.

IMHO, we are all Pittsburgh Steelers. We represent the hard working man and woman, past and present. No other teams fans are Colts. No other teams fans are Eagles. No other teams fans are Rams. No other teams fans are Ravens.

We all are Steelers. That's why I'm a diehard.
"I believe the game is designed to reward the one's who hit the hardest. If you can't take it, you shouldn't play!" -Jack Lambert
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