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Default Re: New TE in the Burgh

We had more offense than the other team, period. Our offense put up more points than their offense, period. Special teams lost that game, period. Deal with it.

Ben putting the game on his shoulders negates the fact he gets his plays from his OC? You can't blame one and not the other. So if you credit Ben for being responsible for all those yards, you need to credit Ben for the blown call that led to the safety. You can't have it both ways.

And when did you assert that the jets were prepared and weren't going to be fooled by the game plan?
But BA was going to fool everyone with his ingenious
Oh, ok...I guess the JETS aren't considered "everyone"

And didn't the bears make the playoffs last year? And didn't they nearly beat the SB champs with a 3rd string QB? Yeah they haven't a clue.... In your words.. FAIL The fact they signed him doesn't mean he is "really good" now who is the one making assertions and straw man arguments....Hypocrisy ring a bell??? My point was that b/c a team signed him calling him worthless was about as appropriate as calling a fresh laid dookie valuable.

And great use of coloring and photos, too bad it doesn't strengthen your argument one iota. Usually in an argument the one who tries harder (using quotes, pictures, larger fonts) to disprove the other is wrong. And this holds true in your case.
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