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Default Re: What makes you a "Real Steeler Fan"??

Originally Posted by ETL View Post
knowing who Weegie Thompson is

I guess what makes you a real Steelers fan is the same thing that makes you a real fan of any team ... if you watch and care about them even when they suffer through losing seasons. It's easy to be a fan of a team when they're good and winning all the time. But if you remain a fan, watching and caring, year after year of losing seasons ... then you're a real fan. But if you stop watching and caring after your team strings together numerous losing or sub-par seasons, then you're not a real fan.

Younger Steelers fans haven't had to endure this yet. But if you're an older Steelers fan and continued to bleed Black and Gold throughout the 80s and early 90s, then you're a real Steelers fan.
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