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Default Re: A surprise cut coming?

Originally Posted by steeltheone View Post
He is still ok at run support,,,Just can't cover anymore
To be fair to Farrior, I don't think he ever really could...

As much as I'd like to see Timmons more I think he is a bit hand cuffed by playing with Farrior. When he runs the stunts to get after the QB, which he should be doing more imo, Farrior is usually left to cover the middle of the field or flats, which usually results in him being burned. If we had another athletic ILB that could hold his own in space we would be that much more versatile and dangerous. Question is do we have that player on our roster. Sylvester imo is still wayyyy to raw to be an every down player...but I think the athleticism is definitely there. I'm optimistic about where our LB's will be in a few years if we get wood locked up and worilds in @ harrisons spot. I would love for harrison to be there obviously but the age and back issue will run it's course by then. Hopefully worilds is as advertised.
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